business strategy

business model

go-to-market strategy


workplan and roadmap

launch and expansion

customer/user acquisition


investors and fundraising

working capital funding

accounting and controls

forecasting and budgeting


brand development

messaging and positioning

social and content


product/market fit

strategic partnerships

UX, UI, development


processes, procedures, systems

talent and recruiting


Player-Coach Program

Typically, the pre-Series A growth stage is the most challenging for many startups.


That's why one of our main offerings focuses on helping startups establish all the foundational "must-haves" that can support and drive future strategic, operational and capital growth.

This is often the time when a startup evolves from being product-focused to customer-focused. And this is the time when we co-build to accelerate growth


Our Player-Coach Program is our most comprehensive and hands-on solution for funded startups in the pre-Series A stage. We work with founders to design a bespoke schedule and workplan (typically working together for 6 to 12 months)
no batch classes, no set mandatory schedules or activities​.

Focused Execution

Operational Excellence

Customer/User Growth

The Must-Have Pillars

More than just a list of offerings, we prioritize that the must-have components below work effectively together to co-build and grow your company.

At this early stage of the business, it is critical to properly establish the foundation pillars that set you up for future success. Ensuring that these pillars work in unison accelerates growth and optimizes execution.

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