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Corporate Innovation

Established corporations continue to face increasing competition—from both legacy competitors and emerging startups. Not only are corporations continuously challenged by technological innovations, but also by innovative operating and business models of more agile startups, where products and processes can be iterated faster and brought to market sooner.


Since the 88ships team has advised, worked at, and succeeded at both large corporations AND early stage startups, we are uniquely prepared and experienced to bring the two together for transformative results.

88ships provides a platform for corporations and early-stage startups to innovate together.

What We Do For You

We help large corporations adapt to disruption and adopt innovation, bursting through into that next level of success. For corporations hungry to take a proactive approach to designing their future and staking their claim as one of the leading companies of tomorrow,
we offer four main capabilities:



“Let’s Assess.”

We will assess your strategic priorities and objectives to engage external innovation and develop a
custom execution roadmap to lead your transformation.



“Let’s Start Light.”

We will curate a monthly “subscription box”—a custom selection of high potential startups—and provide you with exclusive content, insights and background materials for each curated startup.



“Let’s Pick Our Spots.”

We will partner with you to customize solutions that meet your corporate innovation objectives. For example, we could help you source and vet startups, establish a brand and network within Silicon Valley
startup ecosystem, or run startup showcases/Demo Days/business competitions/events and workshops.



“Let’s Go All In.”

We will design, set-up and operate your corporate innovation program (i.e., open or internal incubator) as your white-label and white-glove partner to build, grow, and scale startups in your program.

What does our help translate into for you?

Inquire to find out more about these solutions and how we can help.

Learnings on emerging and disruptive trends and innovations in your industry

Learnings on how to cultivate innovation and build an entrepreneurial culture within your company

Professionally sourced and vetted startups for investments, partnerships or  acquisitions

Increased exposure to startup talent and recruiting opportunities through brand building

Insights on emerging innovations, business models and technology trends that can be “brought back” to HQ

Engagement and networking with the startup innovation ecosystem in Silicon Valley

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